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    For seven years, different movie scripts about the Deep Throat actress Linda Lovelace circulated in Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan, Anna Faris, Olivia Wilde and Kate Hudson were all interested in the role at various times but all either pulled out, concerned about the nudity and brutality, or were dropped, leading to whispers that the project was cursed.

    Some agents reportedly wouldn’t even show the scripts to their clients for fear they would accept the role and it would damage their careers.

    But Amanda Seyfried, the perky American blonde who found fame as the star-struck Sophie in the film version of Mamma Mia!, has gone where others feared to tread: for three months she filmed Lovelace, immersing herself totally in the tragically troubled life of the actress who became the world’s first erotic superstar after famously starring in Deep Throat, the 1972 hardcore porn film that broke box-office records and became a cultural sensation.

    When I talked with 26-year-old Seyfried a week after she wrapped her final scene, she was still recovering from her walk on the dark side and was, she says, “detoxing”. Talk of a curse doesn’t bother her, although she says: “I’m in a daze. It’s weird. It was a really challenging role and I don’t know how it’s going to go for me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to play a real-life character and I took the experience home with me every night. It’s a really troubled story and I’m still getting over it.”

    She is wearing a grey leather jacket and her shoulder-length hair is back to its natural blonde after going dark for the film. With her cherubic smile, Seyfried is not the first actress who springs to mind to portray Linda Lovelace, who lived a life of abuse and trauma. The porn star claimed in one of her autobiographies that her marriage to Chuck Traynor had been plagued by violence, rape, forced prostitution and private pornography. Following Deep Throat, she made two more movies and then denounced her pornography career, claiming she had been forced into it by Traynor (portrayed in the movie by Peter Sarsgaard) and for a while became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement. She died, aged 53, in 2002 from car crash injuries.

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    AMANDA Seyfried hated dressing like Linda Lovelace in her new porn star movie.

    The Mamma Mia star will soon be seen as late activist and former porn star Lovelace in biopic and the role was not without it’s tricky moments.

    “To be honest the nude scenes were okay because there is so much going on it’s not like anyone is going to notice,” says Amanda.

    “But the costumes were something else. There was a lot of camel toe! Other than that the whole Seventies look was great.”

    Seyfried was recently asked if she’s going through a 20s promiscuous phase.

    “No! I’m terrified of being promiscuous. I don’t like the feeling you get when it’s not something that you truly want to do, and I hate the emotional abuse you give yourself afterward,” she said.

    “It’s just uncomfortable when you’re with somebody and you’re like, ‘I don’t really know if I’m even comfortable with this. Why did I? Eww!’ I think dating can come without sex. I think that’s a really fun way to do it. Right now I’m happy to not have someone’s naked body around me. Except for my dog’s.

    “I think about kids all the time. I feel like the next person I commit to, that’s going to be the guy who I’m going to have kids with. That’s in my crazy female brain. So that’s why I’m like, ‘I can’t commit.’”

    Amanda Seyfried apparently skipped class on the day that they were teaching young movie stars how to sidestep the media.

    If she had attended that class in “Promoting Movies 101,” she would have learned how to stay on point, and not let the interviewer get her talking about other projects. The idea is to talk only about the current movie, even if the next movie might be the one that intrigues the interviewer.

    Seyfried, 26, is a free spirit who doesn’t know how to deflect or deceive the media. If you want to talk about her new movie “Gone,” which opens Friday, that’s fine. And if you also want to talk about her controversial role in “Lovelace,” in which she portrays the late porn star Linda Lovelace of “Deep Throat” fame, that’s fine, too. “Lovelace,” which will be released later this year, is one of four films the actress has coming out in 2012. She also has a supporting role in the ensemble film “The Big Wedding,” and a starring role in “Les Misérables.”

    This is the same Amanda Seyfried who first gained noticed in the Tina Fey-penned film “Mean Girls,” and then shot to stardom as the young bride in “Mamma Mia!” When you’re in a movie that makes $600 million, many romantic roles will follow, and Seyfried appeared in several, including “Dear John” and “Letters to Juliet.”

    But she wants a more diverse career, and “Lovelace” is obviously a step in that direction. But so is “Gone,” in which she plays a woman stalking a serial killer who has abducted her sister. She believes it is the same predator who abducted her the year before, but police doubt her original claim, and are slow to act on her sister’s disappearance.

    Seyfried talks about her upcoming movies, and how they fit into her career plan. Then she unexpectedly unburdened herself on the burdens of stardom. She is getting to the point in her skyrocketing career that she is expected to sell movies on her name alone, and she’s not sure she wants that responsibility.

    ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The last time we spoke, you were very candid about your career. You said what you needed after all those romantic roles was a good psycho killer movie. Is this it?

    AMANDA SEYFRIED: Actually, I wanted to play a psycho killer, and I still do.

    Q. Even though you’re only chasing a psycho killer in “Gone,” is this the movie you were looking for to send your career in another direction?

    A. I don’t think so. It’s still hard for people in Hollywood to buy me as a psycho killer. “Chloe” hit it closer than anything else I’ve done, but I’m still not there. “Gone” is good, though, because while I start out as a victim, I get stronger and show that you can do anything you put your mind to. That’s what I love about this film. There’s nothing too far-fetched about it. She’s not flying off bridges or anything like that. It’s based in reality. It’s a normal girl in extraordinary situations.

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    With the recent rash of revenge flicks comes heroine-driven thriller Gone, starring Amanda Seyfried. The young actress has starred in a number of films in her career that so far defies type-casting. She stole scenes as a wide-eyed and gorgeous idiot in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, showed off her singing chops alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, and recently starred in the dystopian sci-fi thriller In Time. In Gone, Seyfried plays a traumatized kidnapping surviver who believes her younger sister has been taken by the very same serial killer she escaped. The ingenue spoke with Buzzine’s Emmanuel Itier about what drew her to this film, the physicality of shooting a break-neck thriller, and her next film, the racy biography of ’70s porn star Linda Lovelace.

    Emmanuel Itier: Tell me what attracted you to Gone? Was it to work with a Brazilian young director?

    Amanda Seyfried: That was one of them. I saw Adrift after I read the script, and it’s really flawless, so I thought if he could bring that emotional intensity that he had in Adrift to a really smart psychological thriller, it would be a really good collaboration. The script was really fun. I like this genre. This is the kind of movie that I would go see. It’s scary, in the best way, and it’s a smart movie, so you get to really kind of think a little bit while you’re watching it. It’s like putting together a puzzle for two hours. And the pace is right there. It takes you to the edge of your seat, and then it’s very satisfying at the end. So it’s good. It’s just my kind of movie. I’m glad I finally got to do something like this.

    EI: Are you that type of girl – the bad-ass, kick-*ss girl that takes her destiny in her hands? Did you put a little bit of yourself in it?

    AS: I didn’t really put myself in it. She was loosely based on my sister, at the beginning, and then when stuff really gets going and her sister is gone, I just went off into this other character who is just fearless, because I have never had to deal with a situation where I had nothing to lose like on this level, so I channeled Ashley Judd a little bit.


    You just wrapped a biopic where you play the late porn star Linda Lovelace. If you’re Amanda Seyfried, what’s next?

    You don’t go to Disneyland.

    You go home to the house outside Los Angeles that you share with your sister. And you live a very real life.

    “I got home three days ago and my sister said, ‘Hey Amanda, there are dishes and your laundry. Your dog just ate the kitty liter. Will you please clean up your dog vomit?’ We do get testy with each other.”

    Seyfried, who stars in three major films this year, isn’t exactly living like a major film star. “You’re right. I tell my sister I’m a big star and she says, ‘That’s nice, Amanda. Go clean up after the cat.’ ”

    In “Gone” (opening Friday), Seyfried plays a young woman named Jill whose sister disappears. She is sure that a serial killer who kidnapped her two years ago has returned and decides to turn the table on him.

    With “Lovelace” behind her, soon she will film “Les Miserables,” where nabbed the coveted role of Cosette.

    1 You’re not known for doing thrillers like “Gone.” Was that the appeal?

    Thrillers are actually my favorite genre. This particular film was a bit daunting because I’m in a lot of the scenes alone, which is a lot of responsibility. If this is a bomb, this is my responsibility. But I can’t focus on box office. I have to care about making good movies that entertain. This film is a puzzle and you’re constantly trying to figure out the twists and turns. It’s such a fun ride.
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    After Demi Moore had to drop out of “Lovelace” last month, there were many rumors about who would replace her as Gloria Steinem in the biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. The production finally settled on Sarah Jessica Parker, who agreed to cameo in the film following a personal plea from star Amanda Seyfried.

    “One day, I was like, ‘Listen, what can I do? You keep throwing around names, but who do we really want?’” Seyfried told Moviefone while promoting her new film, “Gone,” which hits theaters on Feb. 24. “They were like, ‘Sarah Jessica Parker.’ I was like ‘Yes, please. Where is she? What is she doing?’ So I called her agent, whom I’ve never met and asked, ‘What can we do to get her involved? We have three days. We need her.’ And I emailed her that day and she was on a plane three days later. And she was incredible. She’s so good. I’m so grateful that she came in. I wish she’d been there for longer.”

    Despite her happiness that Parker was able to play the venerable Ms. magazine co-founder, Seyfried was saddened by Moore’s departure.
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    Hands down this has to be one of those most hilarious videos I have ever seen of Amanda Seyfried. Amanda and Justin are hysterical together!

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    Amanda Seyfried sat down with Diablo Cody in the “Red Band Trailer” to talk about Mean Girls, Jennifer’s Body, her music and much more. Enjoy the video and 288 screen captures!

    Amanda Seyfried has shared the big screen with plenty of attractive leading men, the latest being Justin Timberlake, which may be why she told us she has no qualms about filming love scenes! Amanda and Justin star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time, playing an unlikely pair forced on the run after Justin’s character is charged with murder. We caught up with Amanda at a recent press day for the movie in Beverly Hills, where she talked about the physically demanding role, what she makes time for in her own life, and getting intimate with Justin on set.

    Source: Popsugar.com

    In Twentieth Century Fox’s new sci-fi crime thriller, Justin Timberlake is accused of murder and on the run with a hostage — Amanda Seyfried — in a future where time is literally money. The two Hollywood celebrities sat down with Buzzine’s Roxanna Bina to talk about the fascinating concept of the film, becoming action heroes, and what they would do if they had all the time in the world or just one day left…

    Roxanna Bina: This is quite a change of role for you. Do you see yourself going the route of the action hero?

    Amanda Seyfried: I think I’m always trying to look for diversity. I just don’t want to get bored doing any one thing. But it is fun – this is much more of an action thriller than Red Riding Hood was, and the concept is just unbelievable. It is like a futuristic world that we don’t quite know, and that’s always fun – to try to create a character within a world that I’m not familiar with…although there are so many similarities, it’s easy to relate to in certain ways as well. I think that’s why I wanted to do it so much – because it was such a high concept, and it was so stylized that I had to play Sylvia. There’s a great shift that happens very early on for her, and it was fun reading that shift, and then being able to create that.

    RB: What are the themes you enjoyed exploring with In Time, and what is this movie about, beyond the thrill of the ride?

    AS: It’s about how our classes are so separate and this is how we actually live – our world – and I think it’s scary because this is so much more literal. In this movie, the poor have no time to live and they live day by day, and it makes for a much more exciting lifestyle, of course. It’s very scary and depressing in some ways, but the rich have all the time in the world and they can be immortal, which is also a really depressing idea, and they don’t do much at all – they just try to keep themselves healthy, which is represented as being very boring. So there’s just such a separation between the two, and I think, in this world, it would be so much better if the people with the money were able to share it more freely, which doesn’t seem as easy, for whatever reason – greed or just…I don’t know – anything. But I think it reflects on how our society behaves, and that’s scary, but I think it’s also gonna remind a lot of people, after they see it, that there is a way to kind of merge the two.
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