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    Amanda Seyfried did a interview for Empire Magazine (Pod Cast). Amanda’s part starts around 19:00 minutes in.

    Amanda Seyfried plays famed porn actress Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biopic, but she insists her new movie isn’t a porno or even focused on adult film work.

    The biopic focuses on Linda’s abusive relationship with her manager/husband Chuck Traynor and the events that led to her role in the famed 1970s adult film Deep Throat.

    Speaking with British magazine, Amanda Seyfried says:

    “This is not a movie about a porn star – it’s about a deeply twisted relationship.”

    The actress adds:

    “I fully believe Linda’s viewpoint and that’s of a woman who was physically abused… A lot of people don’t believe the story she had to tell. It’s strange. I keep getting asked, ‘What was it like to play this crazy porn star?”

    Seyfried says her turn as Linda Lovelace lead her to the “darkest place I’ve ever gone to with a role.”

    It wasn’t until years after Deep Throat was released that Linda Lovelace claims to have been forced into the role. Lovelace would go on to detail the extreme physical abuse she experienced at the hands of her ex-husband.

    Lovelace later in life would claim that she was forced to ask if she could go to the bathroom or eat a meal.

    Seyfried watched Deep Throat to prepare for the role but admits she “only skimmed the surface” of the film because it was hard to watch.

    Amanda Seyfried admits that Linda Lovelace helped lead to a sexual awakening in America, but she also acknowledges that such a role took its toll on Lovelace.

    The 27-year-old plays the late actress, who starred in the first mainstream adult movie Deep Throat in 1972 and went on to claim she had suffered domestic violence from her husband Chuck Traynor.

    Amanda says she believes banning porn would not work.

    “To each his own really,” she tells Day & Night at the UK premiere in London’s Mayfair Hotel.

    “You can’t put a ban on it. I mean, kids under age are still drinking. It’s always going to exist, it’s freedom; we should be free to watch whatever we want.

    In terms of how it’s made and produced, there are a lot of issues, some is safe and positive but there’s trouble everywhere.”

    Amanda says she wants to play more real-life characters and is avoiding stereotypical choices.

    “I want to play real people,” she says.

    “I’m an actor, I want to prove that. I don’t think I have an image because I’m playing all these different characters and I certainly don’t do romantic comedy after romantic comedy, because I don’t want to get stuck.”

    Here are some more video interviews Amanda Seyfried did for her ‘Lovelace’ press tour. ‘Lovelace’ hits theatres, On Demand and iTunes tomorrow!

    [Translated] It’s been a long time, but has been an icon of the 70s erotica. Provocative, enveloping, release compared to some contemporary stereotypical female models. Interpreting her film “Deep Throat” – a forerunner of porn auteur, was 1972 – has sparked a revolution. Then, rejecting the pornography that had given her fame, even testifying against it, has become even feminist activist and became a symbol of violence against women. Linda Lovelace, “name” Linda Susan Boreman, has marked an era.

    Now her life back on the big screen, with a very sexy Amanda Seyfried, whose role has literally transformed, tinged with brown hair and adjusting her body to the character shapes bursting. In Lovelace, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, released in the United States on August 9 (in Italy we will see in January, 2014), starring opposite James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody, Juno Temple, Chloë Sevigny.

    We met to talk about Lovelace last Sundance Film Festival.

    What is meant interpret Linda Lovelace?
    I had to change my physical appearance, first of all. But the character has always fascinated me, because it was the symbol of a period and a woman with a life of cruelty, an intense character who made ??a piece of American history and even now continues to be present and to be talked about.

    What struck you most of the story of this woman?
    Linda has suffered physical and psychological abuse. Represent it was a path “dark”. It was not “amoral.” She fell in love Chuck Traynor, her future husband, or believed to be, to escape strict parents and conservatives. It is said that he even had a gun to my head to force her to turn porn movies and prostitution.

    How did you prepare?
    I studied the DVD, the book he had written the same Lovelace, photographs and footage. Of course I watched and covered Deep Throat and other porn movies of the time, I tried to identify with the protagonist as a woman and with his inner drama.

    What was the major difficulty encountered in this role?
    I was worried that it was a real character, because I felt a responsibility to reflect a woman first of all fragile.

    What is left of those 70s?
    There was a good dose of hedonism and even a certain innocence, now lost. It was on the sexual revolution and the world of porn was very different, more difficult to approach. It’s not like now, where you just turn on a computer to being overwhelmed.

    Linda Lovelace is an emblem or symbol of emancipation of women as objects?
    Linda interpret its 21 years, while he was filming the movie, as you approached the religion in her thirties. Eventually he joined the feminist anti-pornography movement with a. She became an activist and tried to help others. For me, however, was a brave woman.

    Here are some interviews Amanda Seyfried and her co-stars did for ‘Lovelace’.

    *Peter Sarsgaard talks about Amanda*

    First things first: Amanda Seyfried is perfectly comfortable talking about sex. On August 9, the blonde star goes brunette as notorious ’70s adult film star Linda Lovelace in the racy and highly anticipated biopic Lovelace, and she tells ET that she was absolutely fine with the film’s required nudity and sex scenes — it was the violence that she had a tough time with.

    “[Sex on camera is] never that intimate. Really, it’s not, because there are a lot of people around [on set], and it’s not real,” Amanda tells ET. “The nudity wasn’t scary either. It was just during the violent scenes, being man-handled and stuff like that. … This is the testament to what really goes on — what we don’t see. What we don’t care to see.”

    Watch the video to get more of Amanda’s take on the real person behind the facade, plus what co-stars Sharon Stone, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris Noth, Hank Azaria, Adam Brody and Debi Mazar think of Deep Throat and adult films in general.

    Set against the sexual revolution of the 1970s, Lovelace tracks the rise of the legendary Deep Throat star. To the public, she was an enthusiastic spokesperson for sexual freedom and uninhibited hedonism. But behind closed doors, she was used and abused by the porn industry at the hands of her coercive husband, Chuck Traynor (played by Sarsgaard). In time, she learned to take control of her life, and soon changed her tune to reveal that she was actually the survivor of a far darker story.

    Directed by Oscar winners Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Howl, The Celluloid Closet), Lovelace also stars Wes Bentley, Bobby Cannavale, James Franco, Robert Patrick, Eric Roberts and Juno Temple.


    Thanks to the angelic beauty, accentuated by long blond hair, delicate features, porcelain skin and bright green eyes, Amanda Seyfried could collect only romantic heroines on screen. Just remember the radiant bride of Mamma Mia! ‘, the musical that launched worldwide in 2008, or the lovely Cosette, the daughter of seamstress Les Misérables (2012). But the actress born in Pennsylvania is too restless to leave imprison the image of “good girl” in Hollywood. This explains the kiss on the mouth that Amanda gave in Megan Fox, who is the best friend in Hell Girl (2009), the scenes of lesbianism in the role of the prostitute in The Price of Treason (2009) and performance as the diva in porn yet unprecedented Lovelace.

    Debut with the film scheduled for August 30 in theaters Brazilian actress of 27 years recalls the story of Linda Lovelace (1949-2002), which was designed by world-starring Deep Throat (1972), famous for its explicit sex scenes. As the title already use, her character here was a woman who only took pleasure in oral sex partner, as her clit was strangely located in the throat. “I do not like sameness. Interpret always the darlings is the biggest trap for an actress my age. If you leave, incarnate to a serial killer,” says the actress, laughing. The following is the result of two chats with Amanda Glamour.

    Glamour Brazil: Many actresses of her generation are content with the more conventional characters, as you prefer to take a chance, no?
    Amanda Seyfried: I am always in search of the juiciest roles, something that make me out of my comfort zone and requires a transformation. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to do that in every film I rode. So, grab every chance I have to disappear behind the character.

    Glamour Brazil: Not afraid of playing a porn diva?
    Amanda Seyfried: The only fear I had was not to interpret the way Linda deserved to be portrayed on screen. Although she has been known as a porn star, that was all that Linda did not. His story is another. Her husband (Chuck Traynor) who was forced to make the film, for which she never received any money. Linda was just a naive girl who wanted to be accepted and that’s what we show in the film.
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    Actress Amanda Seyfried says she is terrified of the explicit scenes in her upcoming biopic ‘Lovelace’.

    The 27-year-old actress is intimidated by the horrific domestic violence that her character has to undergo in the movie which based on the personal life of Linda Lovelace, reported Contactmusic.

    “It was a risky role to play, I suppose, but the nudity didn’t scare me. I was more afraid of some of the violence and beatings she suffered, but she was a courageous woman and I’ve never been so affected by a role as I was by this,” Seyfried said.

    “The story of Linda Lovelace’s life is a very dark place to go. We couldn’t show half of what she went through, although our film is still a pretty harrowing experience,” she added.

    The biopic revolves around the hardships that Linda had to endure as her ex-manager had forced her into pornography. The movie is set to hit the cinemas this August.

    Translated: Hollywood is a “Land of Dreams.” Amanda Seyfried After 10 years of efforts, from the big supporting role went to line, quickly became popular than many stars, but also know how to cherish everything we have carved.

    “I am very lucky, because I slowly experience the whole process of fame, so did not face a loss of Vanity Fair.”

    “This is my first trip to Hong Kong, there is really a cosmopolitan city and I can see the harbor from the hotel room the night, with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour Skyline really shocked where everyone has power, but also very friendly, and I enjoyed the stay here time. “Amanda Seyfried said.

    To make a two-day whirlwind arrival Amanda can view Hong Kong as the backdrop, “ELLE” cover shoot featuring special arrangements full of sailing – Cheung Po Tsai No. photographed at Harbour Centre. Unexpectedly day shooting volatile, yet adapt to the time difference, she finished second photo on the ground become tired. Fortunately, she completed filming professionally, so that the audience responded with applause. “I’m sorry, did not seem to take on board the expected interesting.” Said the editor. Amanda smiled politely: “No, but I forget myself not too long board to play.”

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